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Pace Computing offers a wide variety of web services to cover your mail and Internet needs. Please feel free to browse our selections listed below.

Web Site Design

Web Design
We can help you to create a presence on the web that reflects the quality and services offered by your company. We can handle many different types of web pages and can integrate e-commerce, shopping carts and back-end databases. SImply click here to see what we have to offer.

Web Hosting

Web Hosting
Our web hosting service allows you to place your web site on our rock solid, high-speed servers. Each system is placed on fast Internet connections to ensure your site is available when it needs to be. The best part is that there is never any expensive hardware to buy and maintain. We own the hardware and we service it all without any additional cost to you. Simply click here to see what we have to offer.

Co-Location of Servers

Tired of paying huge amounts of money for an expensive, high-speed Internet connection. Host your server with us! We have several T3 lines going to our data center which means that all of our customers can have high speed connections without the high-cost lines. If you don't already have a server, you can rent one of ours. This means that you will have a server without the associated costs. Click here to learn more.

Software Design - Web Applications

Software Design
We can work with you to design custom software applications for your company. We specialize in Multi-user, network software with encrypted data transfer. Our special design platform ensures that your software is built fast and is trouble free. Feel free to click here to get more information.